Who are we?

Aplicacions de la Catàlisi, S.L. (APLICAT) was born in 2006 with the goal of launch to the market environmental technologies developed at the Rovira i Virgili University.

During its first year, the spin-off was awarded with various entrepreneur prizes by the Council of Tarragona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, among others.

APLICAT's vision is to connect the knowledge generated in the university with the industry and to share the experience of over twenty years of research in the field of catalysis and materials.

APLICAT offers environmental technologies, innovative and competitive, to solve problems like the presence of organic matter, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia or halogenated compounds in industrial and drinking water.

But our mission goes beyond that, we also work with our clients to optimize their industrial processes, revalue subproducts and obtain new products of interest through the design and synthesis of new materials and nanomaterials.

APLICAT has an interdisciplinary research team that works with excellence to ensure customer satisfaction and to offer tailored solutions to the challenges that could come up.

Featured Projects