Construction of the first plant with HIDRONIT global technology for catalytic removal of nitrate in water for human consumption. This plant guarantees the water supply mouth to the town of El Morell (Tarragona), meeting the sanitary water quality criteria, set out in the RD 140/2003.

HIDRONIT, the new catalytic technology used in this system is innovative and can be applied elsewhere, as in the region of Tarragona, have groundwater with high concentrations of nitrates.
This plant has been funded by the City Council of El Morell, the Catalan Agency of l'Aigua (Catalan) and the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (Government of Spain).


APLICAT built the second floor of catalytic treatment of nitrate-polluted waters for drinking water mouth. The HIDRONIT technology is again used successfully in these facilities.
This plant has been funded by the Vallmoll City Council and the Water Catalan Agency(Generalitat de Catalunya).


The APLICAT, Air Products, and Aeris Hidronit companies have teamed up to launch a new initiative on an industrial level in order to develop new technologies that improve water quality and to assess their technical and environmental viability in order to reuse in a sustainable way such a precious resource as water is.

Under the title "Development and integration of biological treatment and chemical oxidation to the sustainable reduction of micropollutants in wastewater" project, led by Air Products, has a budget of almost 800,000 euros and is funded by FEDER (European Fund Regional) development under the Operational Programme 2007-2013 Catalunya and the agency ACC1Ó (Generalitat de Catalunya).


Eureka international project with the participation of Spanish companies APLICAT and Servia Cantó, the Turkish company Tüpras and AMIC Catalan innovation center with the goal of studying the self-regeneration of supplies to prevent fatigue of the roads in the form of cracks.

In this way it tries that just when a crack in the asphalt can be regenerated so that "heal" as in the biological world, regaining its original properties is formed. Applying this concept to the materials used in road construction, allow minimizing maintenance costs and avoid the risks associated with maintenance, both for operators and users of the road.

This project has European funding through the Spanish agency CDTi for Spanish entities.